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A full range of documents are available for download:

1. Educational Materials

If you would like to find out more about the disadvantages of Smart Meters, please:

Download the “Info Pack” and spread the message.

Download the “STOP Sign” HERE (Smart Water Meter) and HERE (Any Smart Meter)
If you don’t want a Smart Meter, please display the “STOP Sign” on your front window/door.

Download the “Summary” HERE

Download the “DEFRA Letter Dated 3 April 2014” HERE

Download the “DEFRA Reply 14 December 2016 – Blog article 21 January 2017” HERE

Download the “Notice of Non-Consent for “Smart” Meter Installation, Notice of Liability” HERE (2 page version) and HERE (3 page version)
If you don’t want a Smart Meter, please sign, date and send the “Notice of Non-Consent for Smart “Meter” Installation, Notice of Liability”.

[N.B: The above document has been temporarily removed as it is being updated]

Download the Sensus 640C/640MC Smart Water Meter Data Sheet HERE

[The 4-page file is called “EN – 640C-640MC MID Data Sheet.pdf”.  Your attention is drawn to page 2 which summaries how the device works and shows the unlabelled Cross Section of the device and to page 4 where the device has been configured to work on “Fixed Radio Network” communication mode].

Download Installation instructions to fit an Analogue Meter HERE

Download “Not Compulsory” blog article dated 9 December 2016 HERE

Download the A7 “flyer” HERE

Download the A5 “flyer” HERE

Download Comparison Water Bill HERE



2.Setting up a Table

If you would like to set up a table for your area to spread the message out, please:

Download the “Info Pack” (see 1. above) to give out to residents.

Download banners to decorate your table:

  • “Stop” HERE, “Smart” HERE, “Meters” HERE, “Haringey” HERE
  • Smart People Save Water not Smart Meters ! HERE
  • Smart Water Meters – Have you been fooled ? HERE
  • Mr Smarty Pants and his side effects HERE – (Artists Website HERE)

Please laminate these banners to make them weather proof!

Download our Petition HERE

Download the Volunteer Recruitment “flyer” HERE


3. Getting Sponsorship

If you would like to get sponsorship for your table, the following template is available for you.

(a) Make an application to local enterprises about printing the “Info Pack” in exchange for free advertising.

A template is HERE

Thank you for your help