About Our Campaign

1. Which Smart Meter(s) are you focused on?
We are guided by our neighbours and residents. Our focus is on Smart Water “Meters” but not exclusively.

2. Did your complaint dated 3 July 2016 result in a residents’ meeting?
Yes! The residents’ meeting took place on 16 August 2016 7-9pm.

3. Why do you have a Code of Conduct?
Our Campaign is peaceful and law-abiding. In return, we expect the Water, Gas and Electric companies to behave in a lawful manner by upholding the “STOP Notice” where the owner/occupant does not consent to the installation of any Smart “Meter”.

4. I don’t live in the London Borough of Haringey?
Please download the “Info Pack” and “Complaint Templates” and start a Smart “Meter” Awareness Campaign in your area. Click HERE

5. Where do I research Smart “Meters”?
For the advantages, please go to the websites of the Water, Gas and Electric companies that you are a customer of.
For the disadvantages, please go to http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk and the “Research” page of our website)


About our Website


6. Do you have permission to link to other campaigning organisations in the UK and overseas.
Yes. We have written permission and will credit the source using hyperlink (see our “Research” page of our website).

7. Do I need permission to link to your website?
If you have a website and would like to use our files (denoted by the prefix “SSMH”), please credit the source. Otherwise, please link our website to spread the word on all social media platforms!

8. Do I need permission to use your images and literature on our website?
Please credit the source (use hyperlink).