About us



Stop Smart Meters Haringey was started by a group of neighbours in late June 2016.

Through door-to-door engagement we now have over 100 properties displaying the “STOP Notice” in our immediate catchment area of Argyle Road, Vicarage Road, Sutherland Road, Baronet Grove and Baronet Road in Tottenham N17.

We also work with our friends in the borough, in other London Boroughs and nationwide.


Stop Smart Meters Haringey is non ideological and non religious. We welcome all, irrespective of political or religious belief.


Stop Smart Meters Haringey  has a code of conduct, see HERE


Stop Smart Meters Haringey has three strategic goals:

  • Our Mission is to raise awareness of Smart Meters in the London Borough of Haringey.
  • Our Aim is to educate the residents of the London Borough of Haringey as to the Cons of Smart Meters.
  • Our Objective is to empower residents to make an “informed decision” on Smart Meters.


Stop Smart Meters Haringey seeks to achieve its strategic goals by:

  1. Political Campaigning through, for example, Letters of Complaint and Petitions.
  2. Raising Awareness of Smart Meters through, for example, distributing printed literature.


Stop Smart Meters Haringey is currently not funded.


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