Daily Mail: article on wifi

The Daily Mail recently featured an excellent article written by Geoffrey Lean on 22 June 2018 titled “As more countries ban iPads and mobile phones from the classroom, could wifi be giving children cancer”, see here.

The article covers concerns by top scientists such as Professor Anthony Miller[1] of Toronto University that the invisible waves of electromagnetic radiation (emitted by wireless devices) may cause a future cancer[2] epidemic and that children are most at risk.

The article also covers the concerns raised in the limited studies of long term health effects of wireless devices (”new technology”) and the marked difference in how countries and cities are addressing the potential risk of a long term cancer epidemic on children.

It would be great to see a follow up article to educate the reader in any of the following related issues:

1. The fierce debate by scientists on non-thermal effects. In plain english, there is a fierce debate that there doesn’t have to be tissue burning to cause bodily harm[3];

2. Scientists who question the official assessment of radio frequency/microwave radiation safety[4];

3. The use of radio frequency/microwave radiation in the Cold War[5]; and

4. The widespread use of exclusion clauses in the insurance industry[6].


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The following is a fairly typical wording:

Emerging Risks

It is hereby understood and agreed that this Agreement shall not apply to emerging risks as follows:

1. Electro Magnetic Fields: any claims or losses arising directly or indirectly out of non-ionic radiation including but not limited to Electro Magnetic Fields and/or Electro Magnetic Interference.”


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