Die 5G ist das opium des Volkes?[1]


As you may know, 5G is extremely fast wireless technology.[2]

5G is planned to facilitate the “Smart Grid” and the “Internet of Things”.[3]

Some people have described the “Internet of Things” as the “Internet of Crap”![4]


However, there are disadvantages to 5G.

The reason that 5G is extremely fast wireless technology (i.e. very rapid pulsations) is that the pulsed millimeter (and submillimeter) waves will operate above 6GHz to 100Ghz and beyond. This is to allow ultra-high rates of data transfer.[5]

Some scientists point to replicated peer research that already indicates 5G may lead to adverse biological effects to the human skin such as burning sensations, skin diseases such as melanoma or other skin cancers.[5]

More generally, the well-established biological, health and mental health effects of electromagnetic fields include cellular DNA damage, oxidative stress, lowered male/female fertility, neurological/neuropsychiatric effects, apoptosis, changes in non-steroidal hormone levels and calcium overload.[5]

Therefore, in the absence of fully evaluating genuine 5G health effects, these scientists argue that genuine 5G is a giant uncontrolled scientific experiment on the human population.[5] If their argument is correct, then genuine 5G is a breach of the Nuremberg Code.[6]


The other main disadvantage is that because 5G’s high frequencies have correspondingly low wavelengths, they have difficulty penetrating solid objects like walls, windows and trees.[7]

It is known that trees turn the sun’s energy into oxygen, sustaining all human and other animal life on Earth.[8] Furthermore, trees act as natural pollution filters by absorbing pollutants through their leaves and it is claimed that a single tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of 48 lb. per year.[8][9]

The mainstream climate change theory (“CO2 Climate Science”) says that increasing human-induced CO2 emissions causes increasing temperature.[10]


OK smarty pants, do you have any questions?

What biological safety testing (humans, animals, pollinators, plants and test organisms) has been conducted on genuine 5G that is characterised by very rapid pulsations? Please describe these experiments, the degree of replication and the statistical significance of the results.

Are the health effects of genuine 5G subject to EMF exclusion?[11]

[In Plain English, are the insurers not going to insure you for health effects caused by 5G?]


If trees are going to be chopped down to enable uninterrupted 5G:

What are the consequences to human and all other animal life on Earth of less oxygen and less pollution being absorbed?

Will the temperature rise even faster than predicted by “CO2 Climate Science”?

Have we been co2nned?[12]


OK smarty pants, make another prediction?

IF genuine 5G has serious adverse health effects.

THEN The NHS will go bankrupt.[13]

ELSE The NHS will continue on its present trajectory.


Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.[14]


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