Daily Mail: article on Smart Water “Meters”

The Daily Mail recently featured an excellent article written by Victoria Bischoff on 2 December 2017 titled “Millions of homes must fit a Smart Water Meter”, see here.

The article covers concerns over privacy violations, expensive tariffs and higher bills for large families. There is mention about the forecast “water shortage”.

The quotes from the comparison site Energyhelpline and Big Brother Watch are very welcome.

Having said that, the article doesn’t cover the important issues of:

  • vulnerability of the smart water grid to potentially catastrophic security risks;
  • the potential long term risk of lead poisoning;
  • the Smart Water “Meter” emitting radiation;
  • no consultations at the local level;
  • what exactly is a Smart Water “Meter”; and
  • safer alternatives.

Fortunately, many of these issues are covered in our latest template to “make a complaint to your MP”, see here.

Edit 180118: Amended link so that it directs always to the latest template on the relevant webpage.