Stop Smart Meters Haringey in the “Haringey Advertiser”

This weekly newspaper featured an excellent article written by Russ Lawrence on 8 March 2017 titled “Water blockage: Residents of three Haringey streets say ‘No’ to smart meters”, see here (and front page of the paper and digital edition!) .

[Edit 02/08/17 – In view of the Haringey Advertiser ceasing business, see here, the article that appeared in the newspaper is attached, see here]

The article publicises the outstanding work of Tottenham householders in Argyle Road, Vicarage Road and Sutherland Road in raising awareness of the risks of Smart Water Meters. Well done to them!

The article would have been even longer if they’d featured more quotes from the householders!

As with the previous press article, for a full analysis of the issues raised in this article, please read this blog post here.

From a strategic perspective, having an article in a quality weekly newspaper should help to raise awareness of the risks of Smart Metering across the borough!

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[Edit 15/03/17 – Photo attached]

Argyle Road 260217 #1 HA



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