Streetlife discussion

There is a long streetlife thread which was kindly started by a Muswell Hill N10 resident.

This thread has been monitored from Tottenham N17 since the beginning.

To this end, please use the above thread to post:

  1. Your experiences of the smart water meter installation programme in the borough;
  2. Your verbal enquiries and complaints;
  3. Your written enquiries and complaints;
  4. Replies to your written enquiries and complaints (please copy written correspondence to contact us); and
  5. Your research into Smart Meters and related subjects for our growing library.

We would particularly like to hear from residents across the borough.

If you know of other long discussion(s), do let us know.

You are welcome to contact us with respect to any information that you feel is not appropriate in a public forum. (Please check your spam folder for our reply).

Thank you for reading this article and do spread the word.